Marketing Team Boost

As business owners, our marketing needs fluctuate across the year… But the key is knowing when a big push is on the horizon and planning for it in advance (rather than when you’ve already reached the eye of the storm!). That’s where I come in… I’ll quickly integrate into your existing team and give you the extra boost you need to get your next big project, launch or campaign over the finish line.

Perfect for you if…

  • You already have a team in place but just need a bit of extra support
  • You want to benefit from the expertise of an experienced social media manager without having to bring in new hires
  • You need someone who can deliver results fast and get the job done



  • Custom support
  • Custom time-frame (whether 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months!)
  • Creative collaboration

Let’s talk social - Please get in touch to discuss your next project