Instagram Feed Styling

Instagram is constantly changing – from the shift towards video, to the explosion of Reels, to the return of the chronological feed – it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. But you know what will never change? The need for an aesthetically-pleasing, on-brand Instagram feed for your business.

Like it or not, research suggests that consistent & coherent branding is responsible for increased levels of trust, brand awareness and repeat sales among consumers – it’s why businesses are wise to invest in branding & website design. So why should your IG feed be any different? Consider it the low-hanging fruit that can transform the way you show up online.

Key Facts:

Consumers judge a brand within 90 seconds of seeing it for the first time

90% of this judgement is based on colour alone, which can account for up to 85% of purchasing decisions

Cluttered, chaotic & disordered imagery can cause “cognitive overload” - an unhealthy increase in the total amount of information your working memory can handle

Cognitive overload can lead to frustration and compromised decision-making, and therefore decreased sales

Luckily, Girl About Social has just the solution. Our most accessible package yet, Instagram Feed Styling offers up to 15 expertly-curated feed posts for your small business, ready-to-use when you need them. Simply plan your posts as normal, handover to us and we’ll make them look gorgeous, consistent & feed-ready.

Perfect for you if…

  • You’re happy strategising your own Instagram posts but don’t have the time, energy or know-how to figure out how to make them look good in the feed
  • You want to get out of your own way and not let perfectionism of how things will look hold you back from posting
  • You’re mindful of your customers’ experience and want your feed to flow perfectly from one post to the next (+ be instantly recognisable in the home feed)
  • You’re not quite ready for a full-service social media management package and want a low-hassle, cost-effective solution with no minimum commitment that still drives a huge impact on your bottom line
  • You feel you can get your posts 90% of the way there on your own, but just need that little something “extra” to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace


Package includes:

  • 60 minute Zoom call to figure out your style & goals
  • Ideal audience research
  • 15 expertly-curated, on-brand and aesthetically-pleasing posts for your Instagram feed using your brand colours, fonts & imagery (or royalty-free imagery)
  • 15 Insta-ready captions (including one round of edits)
  • Package fully customisable e.g. can include a mix of cover images for videos & reels as well as still posts & carousels
  • Option to renew or add more posts as necessary


Goes well with…


Perfect for product AND service-based businesses

Package Fee: £150 per 15 posts and captions