A simple guide to Instagram Reels

A simple guide to Instagram Reels By karina scott Over the past week you may have seen a new icon pop up on your Instagram feed. Introducing – Instagram Reels. Inspired by the famous app TikTok that has kept us all entertained through #lockdown (Anyone else still not know the dances  move to Savage? No? […]

8 Ways To Host A Successful Event

8 Ways To Host A Successful Event By karina scott We are skilled at planning and executing high profile events that have help form significant parts of a brands annual thought leadership strategy.  Here are 8 ways that will help maximise the success of your next event: Firstly ask what the audience will take away from […]

5 Ways To Create A Successful Campaign

5 Ways To Create A Successful Campaign By karina scott At Girl About Social, we feel that one of the most exciting parts of a marketing strategy is planning and executing successful campaigns for our clients. We wanted to share with you our top 5 tips that we swear by when creating a campaign: Before you […]

10 SEO Tips From The Experts

10 SEO tips from the Experts By karina scott When working in London, I always try to attend a marketing breakfast event hosted by the Content Marketing Association (CMA). The #ContentBreakfasts are a fantastic way to network with industry experts and marketers whilst picking up great tips and insights. They have been set up to […]

How To Become A Freelancer

How to become a freelancer? By karina scott “Become a freelancer they said, it’ll be fun they said” – I constantly mimicked this every time I went onto Google to try to understand who, what, when and how. In October 2019, I suddenly lost my job and had exactly 2 weeks to try and find […]