Context & Challenge:

Tower Hamlets Council wanted to create a digital campaign aiming to engage young people creatively across social media. The goal was to bring out their thoughts and questions about the COVID-19 vaccine boldly and imaginatively.

The Approach:

I supported building a user-friendly microsite for clear and engaging access to vaccine information. To ensure the campaign resonated with the youth, we established a panel of diverse young individuals, including Youth Council members, for guidance on style, content, and overall feel. This approach encouraged sharing among younger demographics and their friends.

The Results:

Leveraging social media, we devised an innovative film project involving about a dozen youth influencers to authentically and creatively share content promoting the event. This content featured genuine views and questions about the vaccine, fostering engagement on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Working with a videography team, we produced a mini-series in Tower Hamlets, capturing people’s views on the vaccine and dispelling myths. Additionally, we visited local vaccine centers, gathering opinions from individuals post-vaccination to further contribute to the campaign’s narrative.

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