The British Council

Context & Challenge:

Girl About Social was approached to help support an employability and careers initiative led by the British Council. They approached Karina to develop training sessions focused on social media and digital content development.

The aim was to equip early-career, mid-career, and senior leaders with the necessary skills to succeed in the digital age. The training targeted a specific group of international UK alumni who were particularly interested in pursuing careers in social media and digital content.

The Approach:

The training sessions were designed to cater to three distinct target groups: early career, mid-career, and senior leaders. The content and delivery approach varied to address the different skill levels, knowledge, and experience of each group. The sessions were interactive and included hands-on exercises, case studies, and real-world examples to provide practical learning experiences.

To sustain engagement and create a supportive community, Girl About Social created a LinkedIn group exclusively for the participants. The group served as a platform for ongoing communication, knowledge sharing, and networking. To encourage active participation and boost confidence on LinkedIn, a follow-up LinkedIn bingo challenge was introduced. The challenge involved completing specific tasks on the platform, fostering engagement and building participants’ professional presence.

The Results:

Girl About Social successfully delivered two comprehensive 90-minute training sessions to over 200 attendees. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from both the client and the participants serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the training and underscores the significance of the ongoing support facilitated through the dedicated LinkedIn group.

Quick Highlights:

Collaborated with the British Council on an employability and careers project, delivering two 90-minute training sessions on social media and digital content creation.

Established a LinkedIn group for participants to maintain momentum and support, accompanied by a LinkedIn bingo challenge to enhance confidence on the platform.

Received positive feedback from both the client and attendees, confirming the effectiveness of the training and the value of the post-training LinkedIn group

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