Salary Guides


Reed is the UK’s number #1 job site, serving 160,000 job seekers per day and featuring vacancies from over 25,000 recruiters per year. Every December, they share their most powerful and coveted sales tool with recruiters nationwide: Reed’s industry-specific salary guides.

These guides – covering 27 different job fields and niches – are considered the gold standard in recruitment. When a recruiter takes one to a client meeting, they are 23% more likely to make a placement. But getting these vital business tools into the hands of Reed’s army of recruiters across the UK is no small feat… Enter Girl About Social.

The Challenge:

Girl About Social was tasked with full-spectrum campaign management from start to finish – the goal being to research, produce and distribute 50,000 industry-specific salary guides – across 27 different niches – to Reed’s network of recruiters across the UK in just 5 months.

The Results:

Exceeding all targets, Girl About Social delivered a total of 75,000 guides into the hands of thousands of recruiters across the UK, a full two weeks before the yearly deadline.

Streamlining the process from start to finish, she was able to save valuable time and resources by breathing fresh life into old printing & distribution strategies – including printing partial guides upfront whilst data collection was still in progress, and ensuring smoother distribution from warehouse to branch with a new barcoding system.


Leading the charge to research & collate the data behind 27 industry-specific guides, now used by thousands of recruiters across the country.

Managing a diverse range of vendors, suppliers, designers, couriers and key stakeholders at every stage of the process.

Getting an extra 25,000 guides into the hands of recruiters across a range of industries, faster than previously thought possible.

Your turn! Looking for full-service campaign management from start to finish? A safe pair of hands to drive results AND represent your brand with stakeholders at every level? Get in touch here to see what Girl About Social can do for you.