Richmond Council


Food Waste is one of the biggest challenges we face in the fight against climate change. As one of the only local councils in London to provide a separate food recycling service, Richmond Council decided to run a behaviour-change campaign to tackle the issue using their “EAST” framework (easy, attractive, social, timely).


Challenge & Approach:

Richmond Communications needed a creative partner with strong campaign delivery experience and expertise in digital & social media to come on board and lead the charge on multiple fronts. Girl About Social oversaw targeted social media campaigns for specific audiences, worked with local companies to create and promote video content in support of the cause, and optimised the council’s website to ensure the long-term legacy of the campaign. This process involved managing a variety of local partners and stakeholders with creativity and enthusiasm.

The Results:

A large part of the campaign’s success came down to the focus on video, which according to Forbes is responsible for an audience retaining 95% of a message (compared to 10% when reading text). This proved decisive in encouraging the local community to change their behaviours around food waste.


  • Leading targeted social media campaigns (including Youth summer activity campaign)
  • Working with key community groups, suppliers & individuals
  • Managing local partnerships and cross-promotional campaigns
  • Overseeing “Journey of Food Waste” video campaign
  • Website strategy, campaign legacy planning & implementation

Key Metrics:

Food waste video views: +2,079 within 7 days of posting

Local companies video views: +2059

Email campaign: 57% open rate, 18% click through rate, video clicks 260

Richmond Instagram: +190 likes, +12 comments, +13,256 accounts reached

Instagram influencers: +2,750 likes, +350 comments, +33,490 reach (over 4 weeks)

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