Richmond Council


Food Waste is one of the biggest challenges we face in the fight against climate change. As one of the only local councils in London to provide a separate food recycling service, Richmond Council decided to run a behaviour-change campaign to tackle the issue using their “EAST” framework (easy, attractive, social, timely).


Challenge & Approach:

Collaborating with local companies, we created impactful video content and optimised the council’s website for a lasting campaign legacy. In addition, I managed diverse partnerships, including community groups and suppliers, to ensure the campaign’s effectiveness. 

Simultaneously, I collaborated with local influencers in a separate initiative, crafting an influencer paid campaign to address food waste. We challenged influencers to create three meals from their fridge leftovers, sharing recipes to raise awareness. The influencers then hosted a competition for their followers to create and share recipes on social media, with the best one winning an Oddbox fruit and veg voucher. This initiative was further strengthened through a strategic partnership with Oddbox, aligning both campaigns for maximum impact.

The Results:

Notable achievements include overseeing the “Journey of Food Waste” video campaign, managing cross-promotional efforts, and implementing a youth summer activity campaign.


  • Leading targeted social media campaigns (including Youth summer activity campaign)
  • Working with key community groups, suppliers & individuals
  • Managing local partnerships and cross-promotional campaigns
  • Overseeing “Journey of Food Waste” video campaign
  • Website strategy, campaign legacy planning & implementation

Key Metrics:

Food waste video views: +2,079 within 7 days of posting

Local companies video views: +2059

Email campaign: 57% open rate, 18% click through rate, video clicks 260

Richmond Instagram: +190 likes, +12 comments, +13,256 accounts reached

Instagram influencers: +2,750 likes, +350 comments, +33,490 reach (over 4 weeks)

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