QA Cyber Workshops


QA is the UK’s leading tech skills organisation offering training courses, tech bootcamps and digital apprenticeships to their clients. Since 2019, QA employees have taken part in a corporate social responsibility project to deliver hands-on, interactive cyber sessions to students aged 10-12 across the UK in a bid to get more young people into the technology sector.

The Challenge:

Girl About Social was brought in to manage the project over 3 months with the target of booking in 10 schools across the UK to take part in the workshops, as well as promoting the project across all of QA’s social media channels.

The Results:

Girl About Social’s efforts not only saw 10 schools across the country book workshops, but also led to 16 other schools opting to use the course materials, lesson plans and workshop information for teaching purposes in their own schools.

Across social media, Girl About Social garnered 5000 impressions and 350 likes on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as over 30 shares on Linkedin.


Raising awareness of a corporate social responsibility project

Working with a variety of schools and organisations across the UK to support the initiative

Increasing the reach of the program beyond the intended scope and goals of the project

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