Lyss and Vay

Context & Challenge:

Lyss & Vay specialises in clean, natural candles for the home. Before working with Girl About Social, Lyss & Vay were seeing steady sales, but wanted to boost brand awareness and tap into new markets in the run up to Christmas.


The Approach:

Girl About Social set about creating a monthly rolling content plan for 3 months to improve the brand’s discoverability across social media channels. This included research to uncover the brand’s target audience, implementing a hashtag strategy & brand hashtag, identifying brand ambassadors aligned with L&V’s values, and managing PR/gifted products to influencers. By implementing a wide-ranging and customer-centric strategy, Girl About Social was able to surpass 3 month targets within just 30 days.

The Results:

In just 30 days, Lyss & Vay saw…
  • 774% more accounts reached
  • 279% increase in content interactions
  • 388 likes, 117 comments, 7 saves
  • 16.3% more followers.
As well as a standalone feature in a luxury Christmas magazine…

Quick Highlights:

Implementing a monthly cross-channel content plan

Sourcing brand ambassadors & exciting PR opportunities

Managing influencer relationships & gifting

Consistent social media management & scheduling

Daily community management & engagement

Hashtag overhaul & custom brand hashtag

Thinking of boosting your brand awareness? Reach out to Girl About Social to get started with your holiday content plan today…