Context & Challenge:

BARBRI, seeking to boost student sign-ups through influencer marketing, faced challenges in creating an ideal digital campaign. To overcome this, Karina took charge and led a captivating video campaign, placing emphasis on the #MyBarbriStory initiative. The campaign successfully brought together law students at different stages of their educational journey, creating a platform for engaging discussions about their experiences with BARBRI education.

The Approach:

Girl About Social leveraged personal connections on LinkedIn to find a videography team. Karina then sourced three influencers who were carefully selected to represent different stages of the BARBRI SQE journey. One influencer was about to take the SQE, another was in the midst of exam preparation, and the third influencer was already fully qualified. Collaborative discussions were held with the video filming company to establish a strategic campaign that effectively addressed student questions and concerns.

A creative approach was taken to engage the audience by developing a “question game” format. Real-life questions from students were used to spark insightful discussions and provide valuable insights into the SQE preparation process.

During the video shoot, diligent efforts were made to ensure the influencers felt at ease, especially considering it was their first time participating in a video shoot. Karina worked behind the scenes, coordinating with the videographers, and ensuring a comfortable environment for the cast. This allowed for the creation of high-quality content that met the campaign’s objectives.

The Results:

The video campaign successfully provided support and addressed the questions and concerns of students preparing for the SQE. By featuring influencers at different stages of their SQE journey, the content resonated with a wide range of students. The “question game” format created an engaging and interactive experience, delivering valuable insights and guidance. The collaboration with the video filming company and the efforts made to support the influencers resulted in the creation of compelling content that met the campaign’s goals.

Quick Highlights:

The first teaser video received over 3,000 plays within 24 hours of posting

Most engaged LinkedIn post for over 12 months

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