Context & Challenge:

BARBRI are the global leader in Legal Education and Bar Exam Prep. They believe that every student deserves the most effective educational experience possible. They aim to bridge the gap between university and employment by creating effective learning and development to enhance the qualifications and employability of aspiring lawyers.

BARBRI brought in Girl About Social to seamlessly integrate into their existing Marketing team and to leverage her specialist expertise to grow BARBRI’s social media accounts. BARBRI needed support building its brand story through compelling social media content and wanted to speak to its audience in a way that motivated, inspired and engaged them. They also wanted to increase their brand awareness in the UK to match their strong presence in the US.

The Approach:

Girl About Social quickly integrated into the existing team and began creating and executing a social media strategy that would resonate with BARBRI’s target audience (legal students). She identified KPIs and targets, collaborated with external suppliers, developed and executed content, and managed outreach with industry professionals and influencers.

The Results:

  • Instagram followers increased by 5% in the first 30 days
  • Accounts engaged increased by 26% on Instagram
  • Unique visitors on Linkedin increased by 39%
  • New followers increased on Linkedin by 44%
  • Impressions on account increased by 28% on Linkedin
  • Page views on LinkedIn increased by 42%
  • Overall increased BARBRI’s Instagram followers passed the 2000 mark

Quick Highlights:

Seamlessly integrating into an existing marketing team

Driving forward KPIs, social media strategy & execution

Managing relationships with suppliers & influencers

Looking for an experienced social media professional to come in and support your existing marketing team? Reach out to Girl About Social to get started with your very own Marketing Team Boost today!