Context & Challenge:

BARBRI wanted to leverage the power of influencer marketing but was struggling to find the right influencer for their next campaign. 

The Approach:

got to work and identified the perfect candidate – a student called Holly Moore with an engaged following of over 11K on Instagram who had experience with BARBRI courses and who had tagged the brand organically over the past year. I worked with Holly to host monthly Instagram takeovers, where she would answer in real-time questions from students about the benefits of studying with BARBRI.

The Results:

Within a day of going live, BARBRI received 37 new followers and reached an audience of over 3,000 people

  • Over 40 questions were asked via the question box on Instagram stories 3 days before the event
  • 100 people joined Live
  • 730 watched the video within 24 hours of it being uploaded to the feed
  • Over 40 comments were left on the video
  • Over 300 likes 
  • Over 40 saves
  • Most engaged post of 2022

Quick Highlights:

Created the most engaged post of 2022

Reached an audience of over 3,000

Launched the brands first ever influencer campaign

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