Heavenly Feet

Context & Challenge:

Heavenly Feet is a dynamic ladies footwear brand with a strong focus on comfort, style and value. Despite being a direct to consumer brand, Heavenly feet had zero visual representation of their brand being worn by their consumers on social media. The result? Low brand affinity and little to no engagement with their ideal audience on their owned media channels. In the face of competitive and ever-changing retail environments, the company knew they needed to find a way to reach new customers, but had little understanding of how to connect with this untapped audience…

Enter Girl About Social… Working directly with the brand she identified and drove forward three key campaign objectives: 1) grow followers & engagement on Instagram, 2) collect and amplify user-generated content, 3) maintain sales during a global pandemic.

The Results:

The ROI generated by this campaign far exceeded Heavenly Feet’s expectations with follower counts on Instagram doubling from 2,228 in May 2020 to 5,000 in December, thanks to Girl About Social’s authentic and relationship-led approach to influencer marketing: an approach which saw 15 enthusiastic followers passionately take up the mantle of brand ambassador on behalf of Heavenly Feet during the course of the campaign.

Beyond this, business stakeholders also felt inspired to extend the scope of the campaign and invest further into the brand’s Instagram platform – so undeniable was the value of Girl About Social’s strategy and approach.

The Method:

Girl About Social’s Six Steps to Sourcing Killer User-Generated Content…

Step 1:

Identify the brand’s underperforming styles in conjunction with the merchandising team and place them front and centre of the UGC strategy.

Step 2:

Research and identify the brand’s target audience and reach out to 50 existing followers to bring forward a new generation of passionate brand ambassadors aligned with Heavenly Feet’s values.

Step 3:

Consolidate the top 50 influencers to 15 key brand ambassadors of all different ages, ethnicities and marital statuses to ensure inclusivity and broad appeal, as well as predict the type of content to come.

Step 4:

Cultivate relationships with a smaller group of ambassadors to encourage content that’s both on-brief for the brand, yet still authentic to the individual ambassador. Encourage influencers to feel appreciated and use any extra user-generated content for IG Reels and IGTV ‘how to style’ videos.

Step 5:

Using owned channels, create personalised discount codes for each influencer to share with their followers, allowing the brand to see clearly the impact each influencer is making on the bottom line in real time, every single week.

Step 6:

Schedule influencers to post twice a week on specific days and include their personalised discount code and brand hashtag #HeavenlyFit.

Key Metrics:

Number of weeks: 4

Total number of images received: 532

Total number of feed posts: 64

Total number of IG stories: 34

Total number of likes: 14,837

Total number of comments: 6,148

Total number of purchases: 30

Total number of new customers: 26

Percentage of new followers over 4 weeks: 12%+

Looking to harness the power of influencer marketing and user generated content for your next campaign? Look no further. Get in touch with Girl About Social today.