Context & Challenge:

In response to significant organisational changes, Getinge sought a seasoned Marketing and Communications Manager to spearhead the events and marketing management efforts for the UK and Ireland region. With a focus on recruiting an individual with hands-on experience, the company aimed to revamp its approach to customer engagement and internal communication.

The challenge at hand was multifaceted. The company needed a professional capable of not only managing a substantial budget of £300,000 but also orchestrating over 50 sales events. This required skills in stakeholder management, strategic collaboration, and the ability to instigate a fundamental shift in team dynamics.

The Approach:

Under my leadership, the team successfully navigated a series of sales events. This included the end-to-end management of the events, from designing stands to overseeing the distribution of products. Stakeholder relationships, especially with the President of North Europe, were cultivated and maintained, showcasing our commitment to high-level collaboration.

The Results:

  • A significant achievement was the implementation of a revamped communication strategy. This involved initiating weekly meetings to enhance team coordination and introducing a comprehensive communication and events plan. The result was a more streamlined and efficient team workflow.

  • Active participation in office refurbishments demonstrated a commitment to internal aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, my engagement with both European and UKI offices solidified global connections, fostering a collaborative approach to marketing and communication.

  • Establishing and nurturing relationships with print distributors, gift suppliers, and event booth builders ensured the smooth execution of marketing initiatives. This collaborative approach not only enhanced project efficiency but also strengthened external partnerships.

Quick Highlights:

Over 50 successfully executed sales events, contributing to heightened brand visibility and increased product distribution.

Positive feedback from senior stakeholders, indicating successful relationship management and alignment with organisational goals.

Enhanced connections with international offices and vendors paved the way for a cohesive global marketing strategy.

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