Germains Seed Technology

Context & Challenge:

After experiencing Girl About Social’s impactful LinkedIn masterclass, the Marketing Director of Germains, a leading seed technology company, reached out to enlist support for her senior leadership team in growing their LinkedIn presence.

The Approach:

Girl About Social designed a masterclass intending to empower Germains’ senior leadership team to leverage LinkedIn for personal and business growth through personal branding and authentic engagement.

The masterclass included three one-hour interactive sessions.

Session 1 covered the basics of LinkedIn, including profile setup, networking strategies, and basic content creation.

Session 2 delved into advanced LinkedIn features such as LinkedIn Analytics, advanced search techniques, and leveraging LinkedIn groups.

Session 3 focused on elevating content creation with AI tools to generate engaging content and optimise visibility.

The masterclass utilised the SASSY Strategy to build compelling LinkedIn profiles.

Interactive elements and homework tasks were incorporated to ensure practical application and continuous improvement.

The Results:

Within the initial 30-day period, Girl About Social achieved significant results:

  • Increased Instagram reach by 111.3%
  • Boosted Instagram profile visits by 30%
  • Gained a 92% increase in Instagram followers
  • Witnessed a 46.9% increase in Facebook page likes

Quick Highlights:

Girl About Social successfully managed a three-month contract with the National Allotment Society, focusing on content creation, website enhancement, marketing material design, event coordination, partnerships, and press relations.

Significantly increased social media engagement within the first 30 days

They optimised the NAS website, curated engaging content for publications and social media platforms, and designed marketing materials for shows and exhibitions, ensuring a cohesive presence at national horticultural events.

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