Big Thank You


Reed Health & Care is a leading recruiter of healthcare professionals for public and private sector organisations in the UK. But with poor visibility on social media and low brand awareness, many potential clients were left unaware of their industry-specific expertise and their available opportunities.

The Challenge:

Working directly with the Health & Care department, Girl About Social was brought in to lead a brand awareness campaign and drive positive sentiment towards the brand using user-generated content. The big idea? Encourage the public to thank a healthcare worker who has helped them and share it on social media.

The Results:

Over just 3 months, Girl About Social oversaw the submission of 104 ‘thankyou’s’ – including one from none other than HRH Prince Harry – and promoted the campaign across a variety of mediums including social media, direct mail, and email.


Drove 580 users to the site from Linkedin with an engagement rate of 1.38%

Surpassed the industry-standard bounce rate between social media & the website (50%) by over half at only 23.5%

Secured a submission by a royal family member to the campaign, along with 103 others

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