Context & Challenge:

BARBRI are the global leader in Legal Education and Bar Exam Prep. They believe that every student deserves the most effective educational experience possible. They aim to bridge the gap between university and employment by creating effective learning and development to enhance the qualifications and employability of aspiring lawyers.

Building upon my successes within the UK marketing team, I was entrusted with overseeing the social media presence of BARBRI Global in the US. This expansion entailed curating region-specific content and collaborating with content creators to ensure the brand’s resonance with the US audience.

The Approach:

I brought a holistic approach to supporting the marketing team in managing social media for the US market. My days were filled with ensuring our social channels echoed the brand’s voice, staying relevant and engaging. I made it a point of pride to promptly direct interactions to the right teams, making sure customers felt heard and valued. Digging deeper, I dived into audience insights that became the compass for future marketing strategies. Collaborating closely with our business leaders, I ensured our decisions were rooted in real data and trends. My focus was always on generating leads and driving sales. 

The Results:

One of my most memorable achievements was the creation of a viral Instagram reel during “Barbie Fever” in July 2023.

By creatively repurposing UGC content, I achieved staggering engagement metrics:

  • Video Plays: Over 2 million
  • Likes: Over 1 million
  • Comments: Over 700
  • Saves: Over 18,000

Quick Highlights:

Seamlessly transitioned from the UK to the US team, swiftly establishing a strong presence in the new market.

Produced a viral reel that garnered an impressive 1 million plays, significantly boosting engagement.

Skillfully curated and crafted captivating organic social media content, elevating the brand's visibility and impact across various channels.

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