Context & Challenge:

BARBRI are the global leader in Legal Education and Bar Exam Prep. They believe that every student deserves the most effective educational experience possible. They aim to bridge the gap between university and employment by creating effective learning and development to enhance the qualifications and employability of aspiring lawyers.

BARBRI wanted to leverage the power of influencer marketing, but were struggling to find the right influencer for their next campaign. Enter Girl About Social!

The Approach:

Karina quickly got to work and identified the perfect candidate – a student with an engaged following who had experience with BARBRI courses and who had tagged the brand organically over the past year. Girl About Social reached out to her about a collaboration and soon enough, they began working together on monthly Instagram takeovers where Holly would answer questions live about the BARBRI SQE course. Holly was also given a special discount code to promote to her audience.

The Results:

  • Within a day of going live, BARBRI received 37 new followers and reached an audience of over 3,000 people
  • 47 questions were asked via the question box on Instagram stories 3 days before the event
  • 50 people joined Live
  • 730 watched the video within 24 hours of it being uploaded to the feed
  • 333 likes between Holly and BARBRI
  • 47 saves between Holly and BARBRI
  • Most engaged post of 2022

Quick Highlights:

Bringing in over £40,000 in revenue (+300% ROI) for BARBRI in less than 3 months through one perfect-fit influencer collaboration

Co-creating and overseeing the entire campaign

Finding, reaching out to, and managing the relationship between BARBRI and Holly Moore

Craving this kind of result for your next influencer marketing campaign? Reach out to Girl About Social today.