Karina Scott

I’m a social media marketer, mentor and influencer marketing expert, here to help connect you to the people who drive your business forward. An extrovert by nature, I empower brands to embrace their own unique personality and connect fearlessly with their ideal audiences.

Like any good origin story, Girl About Social was born from a moment of self-discovery (and one too many gins)…

On a long train journey to London and in blissfully good company, I came up with the idea for my business: Girl About Social.

It was a simple idea but one that deeply connected with who I am – a bubbly, extroverted Girl About Town who lived to paint the town red, connect with others, and of course, who was obsessed with all things social media…

And so Karina Scott, the Girl About Town, became →  Karina Scott, the Founder of Girl About Social.

Except the story didn’t end there.. Because despite now having a vision of the business I wanted to achieve and 6+ years behind me, like so many others looking to go solo, I had a lot of fear and doubt holding me back…

And it wasn’t until a full 6 months and a global pandemic later, that I got the confidence – and the big kick in the backside – to make it happen…

So with an increasingly uncertain job market ahead and feeling like I wanted to assurance of my own financial future, I finally decided if you can’t beat them – join them – and took the plunge to create my own boutique agency.

And since then? Well, it’s safe to say the only way has been up ↑

Girl About Social has now worked with over 60 brands to fearlessly build their dream businesses online and across social media.

The big question is…could you be next? Let’s talk social. Get in touch today and let’s get started.

With love,
Karina Scott

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